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My Prices & Merch



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Prices will vary due to size, location etc. For an accurate price please contact myself via this link for a consultation and quote.

The minimum price for a tattoo is £50 for small or simple designs. 

I offer a full day session for £400, this is recommended for any ongoing and large scale work. This will vary on whether the tattoo is a completed quote or priced on time to complete.

Prices include VAT & will include all costs of getting a tattoo, please budget for recommended tattoo aftercare, which is sold by myself or I can recommend products.

I also offer personalised gift vouchers, please enquire in-store or click this link to buy!


Art for Sale

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                I offer a few items to buy at the studio:-

  • Tote bags
  • Tattoo aftercare (large)
  • Tattoo aftercare (1 x sachet)
  • Tattoo aftercare (2 x sachet)
  • Stickers (as a set or individually)
  • Aftercare swag bag