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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I book in an appointment?
To book an appointment you will need a email consultation so I can accurately quote you and get a clear understanding of what you want your tattoo to look like and include. Once I’ve got all the relevant information and you are happy with your quote I can book you an appointment. The best way to do this is to use the online form on my website and complete all required fields.
Q. How much does a tattoo cost?
This is a very difficult question to answer as there are lots of variables such as whereabouts the tattoo is going, the style it is being done in, the amount of detail and the size. The minimum charge for a tattoo is £50, the hourly rate is £80 per hour when running on time (determining the cost by on how long it takes to complete the tattoo – big pieces such as sleeve work or ongoing projects), individual tattoos are quoted as set pieces and day session falls at £400 (which includes 2 hours of free tattooing). For an accurate quote I will need clear information from the consultation.
Q. How do I pay my deposit?
Your deposit will need to be paid to secure your design and appointment and will need to be paid at the time of booking and can be paid via PayPal. Alternatively, I can accept cash payments made to the studio but these will need to be paid by a certain date/time otherwise you appointment may be cancelled. **ALL DEPOSITS ARE 100% NON REFUNDABLE**
Q. How do you design my tattoo?
I will personally draw your design from scratch using any reference you provided during the consultation to create you your very own unique design. I can include specific elements if stated and I will try and replicate some areas of particular fondness but please remember I will NEVER copy anyone’s else’s work.
Q. Can I see my design before my appointment?
Your design will be ready for your appointment. Unfortunately I am unable to guarantee that it will be ready prior to the appointment for you to view. If it is then I will endeavour to send it to you beforehand. If there are any small/minor alterations needed this generally shouldn’t be a problem at the appointment. Big changes may alter the appointment time/price etc which could result in the appointment being cancelled and loss of deposit. Therefore I urge you to be sure and clear about what you would like during the consultation period.
Q. Do tattoos hurt?
Tattoos do hurt but nowhere near as much as you may think! They are well tolerated (otherwise people would never come back for more) and just get sore over the time they are being worked on. The best advice is to just to relax and expect a little discomfort. Make sure you follow my advice on how to prepare prior to your appointment and what to bring with you to your appointment and you’ll be absolutely fine! I’ll do my absolute best to make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have. Please do not use any numbing creams before your appointment.
Q. How do I look after my tattoo?
Tattoos are very easy to look after but it’s important to follow the aftercare given by myself or a tattoo professional – please do not go on what your friends or family may recommend because aftercare advice varies so much unfortunately sometimes it’s very bad advice and could seriously impair the healing and therefore the overall appearance of your tattoo. I will provide you with all aftercare details on email and I will obviously advise you at your appointment and answer any questions you may have.
Q. What cream do I put on my tattoo and do you sell any?
PLEASE REMEMBER TO BUDGET FOR TATTOO AFTERCARE! Please do not use Bepanthen on your new tattoo. I do sell recommended tattoo aftercare and would highly advise using it.
Q. Can I bring someone with me?
You can bring someone with you if you feel as though you need some support. Please note, however, they will not be able to enter the treatment area.
Q. Can I pay with card?
Unfortunately, I do not accept card payments. I can accept PayPal deposits but the remainder of the tattoo cost, aftercare and any other items will need to be paid with cash only. There is a cash machine located opposite the studio.
Q. What happens if I need to cancel or rearrange my appointment?
If you would like to cancel or move your appointment I require a minimum of 48 hours notice or your deposit will be lost.
Q. Do I need to bring ID?
I would like to see and take a copy of your ID at your appointment. If you fail to bring any ID to your appointment then this may result in cancellation of the appointment.
Q. What should I do before my appointment?
There are some things you should do prior to the appointment and some things to bring with you to your appointment. Once you have booked an appointment I will send you some information regarding these details.