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Hello, my name is Joanne!

I have been professionally tattooing in Leicester since 2013.
Previously of Devil’s Own Tattoos, where I completed my apprenticeship & where I started my career as a Tattoo Artist.

I began learning many different styles but over the years I honed my skills to specialise in fine line work, dot shading and illustration styles. I love detailed challenges and I never tire from intricate designs and super concentrated dot shading!I essentially developed my own style by not trying to do anything other than to what comes naturally to me and what I love doing.

I have created plenty of mandala and pattern work pieces, lotuses & animals, Buddhas & I have created lots of henna inspired designs, also geometric & Polynesian styled tattoos with the unique addition of dot shaded & pattern areas for a more modern look. 

I’m passionate about tattooing, the tattooing world, drawing and creating. Previous to tattooing I studied fine art in further education in Leicestershire and have worked in many different customer service roles so I strive to provide a great, comfortable service for my clients.

On a more personal note, I’m a lover of animals & I’m owned by three cats, a rabbit, a snake & somewhere in the house I have a husband! I enjoy travelling and seeing different places, going to gigs and festivals with friends, hanging out with my nearest and dearest and of course I enjoy an outing to the pub! I love tattooing and working with so many varied people from the East Midlands and beyond, with so many different ideas and elements so I look forward to meeting you very soon!

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My Tattoo Style

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I am a dedicated and sought after tattoo artist, providing customers with a professional service and execution of beautiful unique and detailed body art to last a lifetime. 

I specialist in detailed and intricate designs, including dot and line shading, illustration styles, mandalas, pattern work and more.

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What I offer

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I offer the highest quality customer service and products because I want to be as satisfied as my customers.

I hand draw and design tattoos from scratch, I will not copy other artists work & I do not reuse my own designs, which will give you a one off and beautifully crated piece of art. I’m more than happy to use lots of images for reference to create a uniquely custom tattoo that you will love.

Not sure what you want? I also offer one off flash work (which are thrown away after use) to make them truly one of a kind & unique.

I also offer tote bags, stickers, tattoo after care & gift vouchers in my shop.

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